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Our Gift Shop

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Throughout the Inn you will find a large selection of original African artwork and handicrafts, including paintings, Shona sculpture, baskets, textiles and linens imported from Zimbabwe. Rather than keeping them all in one place we have them in our guest rooms for the enjoyment of our visitors. Nevertheless, all of them are for sale. Also available is a selection of specialty products such as Voss Inn mugs, our freshly baked granola or our rich, custom-roasted coffee.

Our collection of African art represents the combined efforts of my husband Bruce, our friend Jenny Preston, a well-known wildlife artist from Zimbabwe, and myself (Frankee). It is our hope that by introducing people to the wealth of creative artistry in Zimbabwe, attention will be drawn to the plight of the impoverished people of that beautiful country. This is a true representation of their culture--their life's blood--and in many cases, their only means of support.

All of the artwork and handicrafts that we carry have been personally selected--often commissioned--by Jenny. Each item has been individually crafted by Shona or Matabele artisans. Under normal circumstances, they would sell these items to locals and tourists alike to make a living. Unfortunately, because of the current political and economic climate of the country, there are very few tourists and even the locals cannot afford to buy.

The love that the three of us have for Zimbabwe, its people and its wildlife has inspired us to share the country's art and handicrafts with the people of the United States through our gift shop.
Because of our connection to Zimbabwe, the artwork and handicrafts that we exhibit and sell here at the Voss Inn are all from Zimbabwe--with one exception. One of the textiles that we carry, Kuba Cloth, is made by the Kuba people of Zaire, formerly the Belgian Congo, who live between the Kasai and Sankuru Rivers in equatorial Africa.

We are in the process of uploading our inventory and hope to have our shopping cart set up by the second week of December. So feel free to peruse the offerings of our shop.  If you find something you would like to purchase before our cart is functional, please feel free to call us.

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Original Paintings by Shona Artists

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Shona Sculpture

  • Metal & Wire Scupture

Metal & Wire Sculpture

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Hand Embroidered & Crochet Linens

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African Textiles

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Zimbabwe Baskets